Animation Reel – Nathan Morrow from Nathan Morrow on Vimeo.

I’m Nathan Morrow, a freelance animator from Nashville, TN.

I studied film at Goshen College and the L.A. Film Studies Center. My experiments in animation and involvement in a touring band eventually led to a career animating music videos. Since then I’ve worked on numerous music videos and promos.

I’m a huge hand-drawn animation nerd whether it’s Disney, Looney Tunes, UPA, Ralph Bakshi, Bill Plympton, or Hayao Miyazaki. The list goes on. My interest in animation history has been helpful in finding the right style for each client.

For inquiries, feel free to email me at

You can find some examples of my work on my Featured Projects page.

To learn more about my process and see examples of storyboards, character designs and backgrounds visit my Portfolio/Process page.

Check out my Instagram to stay up to date with my work.